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The City of San Angelo and surrounding area seems to have a long history of kennel club activity and relations with the American Kennel Club (AKC), (est. 1884).  


In the next few months, our Historian, Mrs. Johnnie Lea Tate, will share her treasures and finds of the kennel club's history.  As she explores the depths of cyber space, archives, microfiche files and musty basements, she will give us a much better understanding. 


Some kennel clubs claim fame for being established very early on and almost sitting in on Mr. James M. Taylor's first meeting as he became AKC's first President in 1884. (pun)   Well, we can almost do that!


The Concho Kennel Club was established in 1964 and incorporated June 6, 1974.  Yet, a whole other world of club meetings, dog shows and events took place before 1964.    However, there is a gap of time!   Yet, there is also a bridge of time!     From this association, history tells us that the Concho Kennel Club was pulled from the ashes of the San Angelo Kennel Club of 1911.


As more revelations and surprises about the past come forward, enjoy this beautiful Prize List from the 'digital world'.



.......Concho Kennel Club was pulled from the ashes of The San Angelo Kennel Club of 1911

ref:   American Kennel Club Archives









The Beginning


Lorenso D. Heyser, a San Angelo taxidermist and furrier, is the first documented Director in charge of the Kennel Department, of a San Angelo, Texas dog show; according to information found in the “San Angelo Standard” the local newspaper of 1911. Beginning in 1911 he was Director and Superintendent of the Kennel Department of the San Angelo Fair.

L. D. Heyser expressed his enthusiasm for dogs and a dog show in, “The San Angelo Standard” interview dated August 8, 1911. L. D. Heyser said in part “I can safely promise that the kennel show will be the best feature of the whole fair. Already enough inquiries and promises of cooperation that have been passed to me to insure a full measure of success,” he continued.

“The San Angelo Standard” of Friday noon, November 24, 1911 ran the following headline: “DISPLAY DOGS BEFORE GRAND STAND TODAY”. The story read, “L. D. Heyser, Director in charge of the Kennel Department of the Fall Fair, will display before the grand stand, this afternoon 35 prize winning dogs. The exhibition will be something out of the ordinary and will doubtless prove popular with the hundreds of dog fanciers at the Fair. The parade of the dogs will be between 3 and 4 0’clock.”

The Fall Fair held November 20 thru 24, 1911 was the third San Angelo Fall Fair; it was supported by the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce. Fair officials and supporters included President of the Chamber of Commerce W. A. Guthrie, and Phil Lee, Fair Chairman, C. H. Powell, J. C. Landon, Mark L. Wyatt, E. Blanchard, B. C. Alexander, Herbert O’Bannon. Also involved with the San Angelo Fall Fair were B. L Thorne, C. W. Heckert or Eckert, Walter S. Robertson, and many others.

Three new exhibit departments were created for the Fair of 1911, there were the Educational –W. L. Hoghes; Gymkhana (novelty) racing - Wm Anson; and the fore mention Kennel show with L. D. Heyser in charge.

Heads of other exhibits were also named. Among these were Auto exhibits and racing - Lester E. Ogg and J. M. Coleman; Merchants exhibit - William Hemphill; Pecan Industry - J. W. Caldwell; Matrimonial - B. C. Alexander; Baby show –W. D. Holcomb; Horses, mules and jacks – W. Blanchard; Poultry – W. B. Hunter; Agricultural – J. M. Cox; Aptarian – W. B. Turner; Sheep and goats – Geo. Richardson; Swine – John P. Lee; Electrical – John A. Walker.

2010 Dog Show in Midland, Texas at Horseshoe Arena



War, Drought & the Economy

Concho Kennel Club pulled from the ashes of the San Angelo Kennel Club



The Concho Kennel Club was established in 1964 and incorporated June 6, 1974.  Yet, a whole other world of club meetings, dog shows and events took place before 1964.    The San Angelo Kennel Club of 1911 was finally established as an AKC club on November 6, 1914.  


There is a gap of time affecting the kennel club, between wars, drought and the economy!   Yet, there is also a bridge of time!  Our predecessors were once a part of both named clubs.   One “old timer” said they decided to reorganize and change the name.    From this association, history tells us that the Concho Kennel Club was pulled from the ashes of the San Angelo Kennel Club.   



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San Angelo Coliseum,

1st AKC Annual Show as Concho Kennel Club


Partial Listing

 (from AKC Archives)

As San Angelo Kennel Club



Dec 14, 1952


Sept 1952


Sept 18, 1951


Sept 17, 1950


Sept 24, 1949


Feb 1, 1948


July 27, 1947






Oct 29-Nov 1, 1919


San Angelo Fall Fair & Carnival, 3rd AKC Annual Show


2ND AKC Annual Show

Nov 1-4, 1916

1st AKC Annual Show



Jan 1913

Kennel Dept. San Angelo Fair



1st Show: Nov 20, 1911


Kennel Dept. at the

3rd San Angelo Fair



The American Kennel Club (AKC) was established in 1884






Application for License 1919

Lots of History!

1973 AKC Sanctioned B-Match Ribbons


2001 Show at Wells Fargo Pavilion


San Angelo Coliseum-grooming area (date unknown)




At 1969 dog show there were 508 dogs entered, which was held at the Coliseum in San Angelo. Pictured is Judge Hollis Wilson and BIS Ch. Corn's Duke Dragonfly with owner-handler Darrell Baker.


At the 1970 show there were 698 dogs entered and held once again at the Coliseum. Pictured is Judge Robert Waters with presented (unknown) and BIS Ch. High Miss Butter Cup and Mrs. C. Atkins, Jr owner-handler.

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