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AKC  Dog Show

November 5-6, 2016



All Breed, Junior Showmanship, Obedience & Rally

AKC National Owner-Handled Series (Saturday & Sunday)

Conformation B Match & "OC" Obedience Matches & Rally Run Through

4-6 Month Puppy Competition-Saturday

Canine Good Citizen Testing



 These shows will be held indoors – Unbenched


Saturday: All Breed, Obedience & Junior Showmanship, #  -
Sunday: All Breed, Obedience & Junior Showmanship, #

Obedience & Rally Trials

All AKC-Recognized Breeds
All American Dogs / Mixed Breeds

Rally 2015099604 - 
Rally 2015099605 - 


4-6 Month Beginner Puppy 2015099606 - 


Show Chair:  Valerie Tillery

Assistant Show Chair:  Garry Haines


Obedience Chair:   Gillian Black

Rally Chair:  Marilyn Sanders

Assistant OB/Rally Chair:  Kathy Tomei


OC/RC Match Secretary:  Kathy Tomei

B-Match Secretary:  Kathy Tomei

AKC Sanctioned B-Match   -


Additional Show Committee Members:  Pam Surley, Vicki Hatfield, Johnnie Lea Tate, Jeannette Schalek & Michaele Perry







Make it Simple!

Pay online!

No PayPal Account is Required; Pay as a GUEST, but you DON'T have to sign up for an account later-payment processing only.


* Note:  to cover PayPal fees, approximately 5% processing fee has been added. 


So sorry, No Refunds, except for RV Hook-Ups with 2 day notice.

Closing Date:  aim for October  29, 2016


Reserved Grooming Space

 8x10 for entire show


Most spaces are located on the arena floor.  Reserved grooming will be available for move-in on Friday at 2:00pm.  If Superintendent and vendor set-up is complete, early move in may be possible.  Free grooming is located in the corridor areas; ask a club member for assistance.  The North East Corridor is reserved for Obedience & Rally (no charge). 

You may unload from the East side of the Coliseum going down the ramp or enter from the front side of the building, yet you can not block the ramp.  Electric is limited, therefore, it is suggested that you bring a long extension cord due to the placement of the electrical lines; you may have to share, so be kind.


$20.00 Per Space

 + *Small Processing Fee



CGC Testing

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

AKC Canine Community (CGCA) must already have a CGC award or title on record with AKC


Friday, October 30th at 7:30pm

Advanced Registration Required 

Registration Form

Limited Registration!

Garry Haines


$15 + *Small Processing Fee

Test Preference
Dog's Call Name




Call Linda, Grounds Chair at (325) 656-9845 for Late Arrival


Water & Electricity

NOTE: as if 10/15/15 Sewer, Water & Electricity with 30am in Section 1 & 2 only; Section 3 has 3 slots with Electricity only and 6 slots with Electricity & splitter for water.  Section 5 has Electricity & Water slots, yet harder to back in with the barn there.

NOTE:  Choose which Section # of the Fairgrounds you prefer by using the Fairgrounds Map toward the bottom of this page.  Indicate # of Nights and Update Cart.  No DUMP STATION, yet can dump on Sunday in Section 2 on the North end of the fairgrounds.

$30 per night  +

*Small Processing Fee

Must Have Hook-Ups
Fairgrounds Section #
30 amp or 50 amp?

NOTE:  Indicate # of Nights and Update Cart



Call Linda, Grounds Chair at (325) 656-9845 for Late Arrival




RV "Dry Camping"

East Side of Coliseum

Bring ground cover for the asphalt parking lot.  Exhaust pipe for generators is strongly suggested.  Place portable generators behind or in front of RV.  Dumping of gray or black water on the pavement is strictly prohibited.  Use one of the sewer lines after the show, there on the North West end of the Fairgrounds.  Parking available at 8:00am on Friday.


$10 per night +

*Small Processing Fee 

Length of Vehicle/Color

NOTE:  Indicate # of Nights and Update Cart



AKC Sanctioned B-Match

Saturday: Match Sanctioned B, Conformation #2015099604


Match Competition - with Prizes

•AKC Registered Dogs 3 months & up for Conformation
•Public Invited to Enter AKC Registered Dog for this fun, practice match!
•Adults & Children may show in ring

Register by 4:00 pm at Catalog Sales on Saturday

Starts at 6:00pm





Class Ribbons

Group 1-4 Rosettes

Zanies Toy for each participant

Best in Match Rosette & Gift

Reserve Best in Match Gift

Junior Showmanship Rosette & Gift


Judges:   TBD


B-Match:  $7.00 + *Small Processing Fee

Breed and Group
Dog's Call Name & Age

B-Match Chair:  Valerie Tillery

Match Secretary:  Kathy Tomei




Friday, October 30th at 3:00pm

sign up beginning at 12:00pm


Saturday, October 31st at 30 minutes after HIT

sign up beginning at 8:00am

Fees:  $5.00 - Novice & Open for 5 minutes
$7.00 - Utility for 7 minutes


OC Chair:  Gillian Black

OC/RC Match Secretary:  Penny Johnson

Volunteers Needed to make this all happen!


OC Novice:  $5.00 for 5 minutes ring time

OC Open:  $5.00 for 5 minutes ring time

OC Utility:  $7.00 for 7 minutes ring time

+ *Small Processing Fee



Note:  Register for Friday & Saturday separately if you plan to enter both days

Jump Hight
Dog's Call Name






Stewards are needed for

  • Friday OC Match & Rally Run-Throughs

  • Saturday and Sunday Trials

  • Saturday OC Match


Full day or 1/2 day!
 Lunch Delivery Provided



Friday Afternoon Only

Starting at 4:00pm

RC Chair:  Taunya Mravik Ruffin

OC/RC Match Secretary:  Penny Johnson


Novice:  $5.00

Advanced:  $5.00

Excellent:  $7.00

+ *Small Processing Fee

Jump Height
Dog's Call Name




1 Stretch of 40 Raffle Tickets for $20

Cash Only please







Microchipping Clinic!

COST:  $35 per dog

 plus small online processing fee ($2.00) 

Includes Lifetime Enrollment

Name of Dog


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Noon until 3:30pm

Includes:  Microchip, Collar Tag, LIFETIME Enrollment and the Club sends in your enrollment form for processing.

Never Annual or Additional Fees!  $35 Bucks--the End!

Limited Clinic:  First 50 dogs

Guarantee Your Spot by paying in advance!

FMI, click here









Late Edwardian Era Hat Day


Saturday, November 5th

Celebrating a 100 Year Span of Hosting Dog Shows!



Celebrating a 100 Year Span of Hosting Dog Shows!

1st AKC Annual Show: November 1-4, 1916


The Concho Kennel Club was pulled from the ashes of the San Angelo Kennel Club of
1911. Yet, it wasn't until 1916 that the club held its first AKC show. The Concho Kennel
Club was established in 1964 and incorporated June 6, 1974, yet, a whole other world of
club meetings, dog shows, members and events took place before 1964. There is a gap of
time and there is also a bridge of time!

The Beginning
Lorenso D. Heyser, a San Angelo taxidermist and furrier, is the first documented Director in
charge of the Kennel Department, of a San Angelo, Texas dog show; according to information
found in the “San Angelo Standard” the local newspaper of 1911. Beginning in 1911 he
was Director and Superintendent of the Kennel Department of the San Angelo Fair.
L. D. Heyser expressed his enthusiasm for dogs and a dog show in, “The San Angelo
Standard” interview dated August 8, 1911. L. D. Heyser said in part “I can safely promise
that the kennel show will be the best feature of the whole fair. Already enough inquiries and
promises of cooperation that have been passed to me to insure a full measure of success,”
he continued.

“The San Angelo Standard” of Friday noon, November 24, 1911 ran the following headline:
Director in charge of the Kennel Department of the Fall Fair, will display before the grand
stand, this afternoon 35 prize winning dogs. The exhibition will be something out of the
ordinary and will doubtless prove popular with the hundreds of dog fanciers at the Fair. The
parade of the dogs will be between 3 and 4 0’clock.”
From the AKC archives, we know that the first show was November 1-4, 1916. By the 3rd
show, memorabilia is on file for the 1919 show. Between wars, drought and the economy,
the shows came in, some fell apart and some were cancelled. By January 1969, Concho
Kennel Club hosted its show under the new name. And from what history tells us, one “old
timer” we spoke to said they decided to reorganize and change the name to appeal to the
whole Concho Valley area. This predecessor was once a part of both named clubs. Eve
Stovall could sure tell some wild stories about members! The Concho Kennel Club may
have been pulled from the ashes of the San Angelo Kennel Club, but there's been many
foot prints (and paw prints) over the years that have kept the club going, reorganized it and
pushed it forward. Perhaps you are a part of its history!





See Premium List



WiFi available at the Fairgrounds 


Exhibitor Appreciation Cake

Saturday During Group

Around 2:00pm - East Corridor



Spectators Guide to Attending a Dog Show  (pdf)


Dog Show Etiquette 


FREE Spectator Admission!



Mr. Clean Grooming Space Drawing

Sunday around 11:00am

If your grooming area is tidy, you'll get an entry form. 

Fill it out and bring to the Club Table to enter!

Vicki Hatfield, Chair


Dog Wash

Dog Wash Area in barn behind Coliseum

(see fairgrounds map below)

on North side







Judging Competition
•Begins at 8:30am each day (Saturday & Sunday)

Group Competition
(top winners in each of the 7 Groups)
•Starts at Approximately 12:30pm or 1:00pm each day


NOHS "Group" begins 30 minutes prior to Regular Group Judging

“Best in Show” & “Reserve Best in Show” Afterwards!





Don't Forget to Turn Your Clock BACK

Late Saturday Night!


2016  Judges

Mr. Edd E. Bivin, Fort Worth, Texas
Ms. Carmen D. Blankenship
, Duncanville, Texas
Mr. Kenneth A. Buxton,
Kingwood, Texas
Mr. Stephen J Hubbell,
Weaverville, California
Mr. Christopher Tilghman Neale
, Alachua, Florida
Mrs. Patti Widick Neale,
Alachua, Florida
Mr. Norman L. Patton,
Mesa, Arizona
Nancy J. Watson,
Ms. Laurie King Telfair
, Lancaster, Texas


 4-6 Month Puppy Competition Judge
 Obedience & Rally Judges 



4-6 Month Puppy Competition

Saturday the 31st of October is set for the special beginner puppy competition!  It's a great opportunity for new puppies and new exhibitors to gain ring experience in a quiet area of the show!  Ms. Gloria Kerr of Sahuarita, Arizona is judging each Group.  Register by October 14th at

It also provides an opportunity for puppies to socialize with people and other dogs at an optimal time of their development. Puppies may earn points towards a Certificate of Merit at these competitions.




Classes for this competition are simplified to permit judges to take the time necessary to make new exhibitors and their puppies comfortable with a new experience. Judging of this special competition is completely separate from the regular class judging.

One combined class, not divided by sex, will be offered for breeds and varieties of dogs that are at least four months and under six months of age on the day of the competition and divided into groups. All of the puppies of the same breed or variety are exhibited in the same class and the only placements are Best of Breed/Variety (BOB) and Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Variety (BOS). Each of the BOB winners advances to the Group Competition and nine group winners (FSS and Miscellaneous Class breeds comprise the two additional groups) advance to Best 4 to 6 Month Beginner Puppy in Show.

Judges of the 4 to 6 Month Beginner Puppy competition may exhibit on the same day(s) that they judge.

Judges will be credited with an enriching component for breeds judged in the 4 to 6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition. Domestic judges who have an AKC Judge number and have been approved to judge any Conformation breeds are eligible to judge this special competition. A judge does not have to be approved for a specific breed or group to judge that breed or group in the 4 to 6 Month Beginner Puppy Competition.


Each participant will receive a Zannies Toy!





National Owner-Handled Series (NOHS)

About AKC National Owner-Handled Series


Did you know that more than 80% of show dogs are handled by their owners? To celebrate the dedication and enthusiasm of owner-handler exhibitors the American Kennel Club has created the new AKC National Owner-Handled Series. This non-titling competition will be held at select dog shows across the country.

The AKC National Owner-Handled Series will be conducted following Best of Breed judging in each breed ring. All dogs in the BOB competition (including WD & WB) will stay in the ring after the judge makes their placements in BOB competition. The ring steward will ask all professional handlers, household members and current assistants to professional handler to leave the ring and then the judge will then select the Best Owner-Handled (BOH). The dog and its owner will continue to accrue points for any group placements or Bests in Show.

The top-ranked dogs from the AKC National Owner-Handled Series are posted on the AKC National Owner-Handled Series Points Ranking page. Rankings of the dogs competing in the Series are compiled based on the Best of Breed, Group, and Best in Show placements in this specific Series competition (SeePoint Schedule). The end of year competition for the AKC National Owner-Handled Series will be held in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba show in December. Dogs that finished ranked in the top ten (plus ties) for their breed during the qualifying period will be invited to compete in the competition. Dogs exhibited by professional handlers on the day of the event are not eligible for this competition. Dogs exhibited by current assistants and household members of a professional handler on the day of the event are not eligible to enter this competition.

Professional handlers are defined as any person who belongs or has belonged to a professional handlers' organization, distributed rate cards, or otherwise advertised or represented themselves as handling dogs for pay within the last five years. Eligibility restrictions apply to all members of the same household.

For more information about the Series or if you have questions about hosting these events, please contact the AKC Events department at (919) 816-3579 or



Note: AKC National Owner-Handled Series points do not contribute to championship points.
At an individual show a dog earns the cumulative number of AKC National Owner-Handled Series points associated with each placement.

Owner-Handled Best in Show
Owner-Handled Group 1
Owner-Handled Group 2
Owner-Handled Group 3
Owner-Handled Group 4
Owner-Handled Best of Breed





Vendor Information






RV Hook-up Sections are numbered on the Map Below

Section 1:  South Fence on Grapccreek Road side, behind pavilion & Barn - 30 amp - Water, Electricity & Sewer

Section 2: North Fence on Grapecreek Road near Carnival Pad - Water, Electricity & Sewer - 30 amp

Section 3: Auto Wrangler Livestock Barn front side (bring long water hose)-Mostly jut Electricity (some water with splitter) - 30 amp

Section 4:   Fence line between Coliseum & barn (bring long water hose) - 110 outlets

Section  5: Between Housley Communications Barn & Fiesta Arena - 30 amp   Water & Electricity

Section 6:  Past Housley Communications Barn Toward Spur Arena on that fence line - 50 amp & 30 amp & Water

Section  7 :  DRY CAMP - East side of Coliseum in Parking Lot area - no electricity


San Angelo is Between I-20 & I-10
Highway 87/67

50 East 43rd Street on the North Side of San Angelo off North Chadbourne


From Highway 87 North:  Just inside the city limits, take the Chadbourne Street exit, go under the overpass, go South on Chadbourne; turn left on 47th for RV hook-up entry gate or left on 43rd

From Highway 87 South:  South of town, go through town, go North on Hwy 87/Bryant Blvd., take the Chadbourne Street exit, go South on Chadbourne; turn left on 47th for RV hook-up entry gate or left on 43rd

From Highway 277/67 East:  Take the Highway 87 North Exit.  Go North on Hwy 87/Bryant Blvd., take the Chadbourne Street exit, go South on Chadbourne; turn left on 47th for RV hook-up entry gate or left on 43rd


  Click on thumbnail


Get Map

Premium List has the Contact Information


A-Clarion & Pearl on the Concho (downtown area)

B-La Quinta

C-Rhodeway Inn


E-Econo Lodge

F-Ramada Limited

G-Motel 6 

H- Inn of the Conchos

J-Baymont Inn & Suites

K-Days Inn

L-Comfort Suites

M-Super 8


Pearl on the Concho Hotel (downtown)
333 Rio Concho Drive
San Angelo, Texas
(325) 653-4500

  • Dogs Welcome!
  • By the Concho River & City Parks!
  • Indoor Activity Atrium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Tables
  • Arcade
  • Pool-side Bar
  • Putting Green
  • Free Continental Breakfast
  • Full service Restaurant

$128 (2 Queen Beds or 1 King/includes pet fee)-$144.65 with Tax

reservation must be made on a credit card

(use 'group code' AKC)




$79.00 per night

(pet fee)

  Room Rate for Show:



Free Hot Buffet


$89 plus tax + $20 pet fee per night, up to 2 pets



$89 plus tax + $30 one time pet fee








                             325-658-8061      Click on Thumbnail for Flyer


Premium Lists at 

Economic Benefits for San Angelo


Question?   Contact Valerie at





Anna H. Whitney was the first woman to judge a dog show in the United States, and she did it at Westminster in 1888. Her first assignment was 117 Saint Bernard's and when she was done, she was handed a bouquet of flowers.


She was among the first of judges to be AKC approved and would judge until 1918.


When she died in 1922 at the age of 77, the newspaper that reported her passing wrote, "A brave spirit has left us."


ref. FaceBook, Westminster


2015 Show Photos

2014 Show Photos

2013 Show Photos

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